Tethys is a free to play GMod community in development. Currently we have two servers, a new gamemode, Stargate Faction wars Roleplay, and DarkRP. Visit the forums to join the community or donate to help us out for cool in game and forum privileges.

Leveling System

The leveling system is a big part of what makes both servers on TethysRP fun. We have built a system that maximizes fun, and minimizes boring playtime and repetitive tasks. In addition, we have a heavily customized F4 jobs menu, a custom tab menu, and more.

Custom HUD

Here at TethysCraft, we've implemented a custom HUD. Gone are the days that you lose sleep over the boring DarkRP HUD. Sleep Easy at TethysCraft.

Join the server with one click!

Play Now

88-Slot, Dedicated Server: 24/7 Uptime!

With a huge amount of space for everybody to play and rock hard stability, you can play all night and all day if you wanted to! Ignore your health and well being and play TethysRP.

Within the beautiful map of TethysCraft, anything is possible. Slap a hobo. Cook some meth. You're free to do anything!

Custom plugins and addons make TethysCraft the best DarkRP experience possible.

Responsive admins who have an I.Q higher than that of the average potato will help you with any of your needs, using our feature rich reporting system.